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The number one question we get asked is “what made you start a bounce house business?” The answer is always the same, we have five kids. Gator Bounce Rentals started one evening after a birthday party for our son, which was the second party in two months. For each one we had rented a combo for the kids and knowing we had at least two more birthdays in the coming months we joked about just getting one for ourselves. This started the almost daily conversation about bounce houses and water slides in the house. We looked online; we learned the industry trying to figure out if this was the business that we really wanted to start.

A month goes by and we are coming up on birthday number 3 in 4 months and guess what we were looking for another inflatable to rent, but this time we were looking at it threw a different set of eyes. We looked at the whole process from making a phone call to the day the slide was picked up and we realized one thing, we could do better. Thus, Gator Bounce started taking shape and a plan was made.
One of the things that started us on this road that we are on was our kids and we wanted something that we could include them in as we moved forward. We both decided that missing time with them was not an option and inflatables was the perfect option for that. Our kids are deeply involved in all aspects of Gator Bounce Rentals, they clean, they help set up and they help pick up. They are rolling advertisements as they ride their bikes around the neighborhood and are wearing their Gator Bounce Shirts. My wife and I make being present in their lives a priority and Bounce Houses is just another extension of that.

A little more about the owners, Brian and Megan Garcia. Both of us are born and raised in Florida and are South West Florida natives. Being raised in Alva and Punta Gorda, respectively. Our family have deep roots in East Fort Myers, with Brian’s family being in Buckingham for well over 100 years. These roots have shaped who we are and the values that we bring to Gator Bounce Rentals. Those old southern values, where everyone is family and treated as such. When you call us for your birthday party, we want it to be just as much fun as you do, because you are now part of our extended family. On top of being Parents and business owners, both Megan and Brian are first responders locally and Megan even is an Army Veteran. With those backgrounds we bring and sense of pride in our company that is not normally seen. We are people who you can trust to make sure your event goes off without a glitch, whether it is a simple bounce house or a huge water slide and table and chairs. We will go above and beyond to make sure your event is a success.

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